Did Someone say vBrisket?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I happen to catch a pretty great looking tweet from a fellow virtualization guru in my hometown - Jaison Bailley (@penlem166)It turns out my buddy Mr. Bailley, who I know has a pallet for the finer things in life like Pliny the Elder, Irish Coffees, and full bodied reds was the proud owner of a new smoker. Come to find out the dude has some skillz in creating a carnivorous masterpiece.

It starts with a simple idea

Jaison & I had both been talking for a while about ways in order to grow and help support the local virtualization community.  Something other then the the VMUGs that happen every other month.  We talked about organizing a vBeers, possibly catching a vBaseball game, or perhaps just meeting up for lunch occassionally.  The goal was to simply foster a sense of community locally, share ideas and help support one another in the various roles we are in.  Jaison suggested that we call in vBrisket, and the idea was born.

After a couple of meet ups and finding a proper location, the wheels were put into motion, and the vBrisket idea was growing some legs.  Next thing you know a invitation was sent out, over 30 people signed up, and meat was being purchased.

In fact another active virtualization guru, John Brescia (@JohnBrescia), who also has a passion for growing the local community shared his talents, put his artistic capabilities to work and created an amazing logo and website.


Bringing the community together

Needless to say, I was once again impressed by this community.  The event was a fantastic success.  As Bobby Fantastic (@BobbyFantastic) put it 'Great Food, Great Mead, 30+ People - Looking forward to the next one.'   David Hewitt (@DavidaHewitt) and others chimed in with similar responses

The food was out of this world. Jaison really out did himself and only he knows how much energy and time he put into this.  For that we are all truly grateful.  The drink was great, something a little different - Mead - a fermented beverage made from honey at a local meadery that is dangerously tasty as many of those who attended can attest.  Yes, I probably did have more then my share of both.

But for me the highlight were the small conversations amongst the group.  The venue provided us a place to chill out after a long week of work, unwind a little, catchup with familiar faces, and meet some new ones. I even got some verbal commitments for people interested in sharing in upcoming VMUGs - something I am growing passionate about.  There is truly a hunger within the group to improve and learn from one another and for me those are signs of a community I want to belong to.  Yes, the inaugural vBrisket was a success and there will be more to come.  Thank you to all that attended, and for all who contributed.  So many people stepped up. Through the power of community, a simple idea can become a reality.