Recounting the first part of Marion's labor with Elizabeth

I have had some time to finally post these.... They were written on the dates mentioned below....

Tuesday, 1/25/2006 11:00 AM
I am constantly amazed by my wife. After a long night of active labor, she sits beside me catching up on some much deserved rest. What a fighter. The contractions were much more intense then those with Victoria. These were very painful for Marion, although she seemed to be dealing with them quite well. So well, that I thought she was doing fine, and neglected to walk around the hospital with her as much, which I don’t think she liked very much. She made the comment that I could be a bit more cooperative in the process.

She labored for about four hours in the hottub which offered some relief, and I got some rest on the lazy boy. We were both running on less then 2 hours of sleep. After the hot tub, I became very involved in coaching her through the breathing. Marion seemed to depend on me more to help focus her through the contractions, whereas with Victoria she wanted no coaching at all. It is amazing how different these two labors were.

After about nine hours of labor we decided to get an epidural to give Marion a much deserved rest. After all she did but in full day of work yesterday, watched a movie with a friend and then came straight to the hospital. Her contractions where about two minutes apart at that point. She was three cm dilated, on a scale of one to ten. The pushing phase should start within the next couple of hours. What a fighter.

I have only had two cups of coffee at this point. I think I had about six with Victoria at this stage in the game. I have called all of the family a repeated the story above countless times, always one of the fun “Dad” tasks. I even called into the work team meeting to give them an update. I am sure they got a kick out of that. Victoria is doing well with Andrea at the Willetts house. Andrea said she feed her chocolate chip pancakes, for which I am sure she is grateful.

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful family, great friends, a loving and caring hospital staff - they are great.