Beautiful girl

I have had some time to finally post these.... They were written on the dates mentioned below....

Thursday, January 24 2006 3:00 PM

Elizabeth Grace has arrived. Marion gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 11:37 AM CST at Theda-Clark hospital in Neenah, WI. Although she was nameless for the first three hours of her young life on this side of the womb, mom and dad decided on Elizabeth Grace. She is most precious, but pretty big - weighing in at eight pounds, twelve ounces and twenty and one quarter inches in length. All of those brownie and ice cream cravings over the last nine months did not go wasted.

Marion is doing great and only had to push for twenty-thirty minutes this time around. This is quite a difference from the three hour pushing marathon with Victoria. In hindsight getting the epidural this time was great. It allowed Marion to relax and get some much needed rest during those last several hours. She keeps commenting on how different the two labors were, but we are both so happy and blessed to have had two healthy babies.

One of the first observations of baby, was how distinctively unique she is. Mom and Dad were maybe expecting a “Victoria” look, but Elizabeth Grace is truly has her own full set of beautiful features: full cheeks, long fingers and toes, gorgeous hair - ever so cute. She is a very quiet baby up to this point - as I type this she is dozing away, curled up in her little bassinet.

Most of the family is now in the know about our most recent edition, and the word is spreading fast. Phone calls like this are always fun to make. Victoria will be here within the next couple of hours to see her new baby sister (we would have had some explaining to do if baby Elizabeth came out as a boy). I am most eager to see my three beautiful girls together for the first time.

Well back to my ham sandwich, and mildly warm tortilla soup as Mom and baby catch up on some sleep.