Exploring the Demographics of #vDM30in30

If you noticed some additional traffic to your blog over the last 30 days, you were most likely involved with the vDM30in30 initiative.  It is incredible how much content was produced over the last 30 days and I thank the you all for the learning experience.  As my final set of posts for this exercise I thought I would have a little fun tying together the topics I have been writing about the last 30 days, namely: DataGravity Discovery Series & the vDM30in30 community.

I took an idea that was introduced to me during DataGravity's Tech Field Day demonstration this past VMWorld by one of the presenters - Dave Siles.   Dave exported all the blog content from the Tech Field Day delegates to visually show them the power that search and file analytics provides to some of their most precious data - their blog posts.  So building on Dave's inspiration, I have over the course of the last 30 days been saving each of the vDM30in30 blog posts.  Yes, vDM30in30 community, I have been actively pulling and saving each of your posts over the past 30 days, as a standard PDF file to a native DataGravity SMB file share.

I can't say that I have had the opportunity to read each of these posts, because I like you have been busy producing my own content during this time, but now I have a number ways to be able to call upon, search and find all posts in only a few clicks.  I can search easily by topic, by blogger, by date or web address.  I can look for patterns, call upon visuals to show me things like the most active bloggers, the longest set of posts as well as when each blogger may have hit the proverbial 'Wall' by looking at historical trending on when posts where written.  Plus it is a fun to share and show some practical uses of the DataGravity product with content that I have been close to over these last 30 days.

So just a few things:

  • If I missed anybody's content who participated in the vDM30in30 challenge, I apologize.  I used the recap posts on Virtual Design Master's site as a guide for finding which bloggers participated in the challenge as well as their contributions.  
  • I did pull posts from each blog between Nov. 1 - Nov. 30th.  Some people joined the challenge late, myself included, so I did not include posts past Nov. 30th
  • If for any reason you don't want me to keep a saved copy of your blog post, please let me know and I will remove it.

Without further ado, let's look at some interesting facts about content produced during #vDM30in30.

Total Number of vDM30in30 Blog Posts

Total Posts: 388 - performing a quick search on all posts for the Past Month.  I did organize the posts in separate directories by each blogger's name, but the search provides me with the ability to find things easily regardless of how they are organized on the file system.

Most Active vDM30in30 Bloggers:

Active Bloggers: Using the Most Active Users view, we can quickly find the bloggers with the most activity over the last thirty days.

Drilling in a bit further, it isn't hard to see that Jonathan Frappier was extremely busy producing content on his blog this past month.  He easily doubled the number of posts created by most of the other bloggers with no sacrifice in the quality of content.  The man is an animal and is ready for the #VDM60in30 challenge.

SuperSized content

Largest Sized Posts: Mike Stanley - this is due to the high number of pictures that Mike puts in his food reviews. Mike also contributed the largest single posts with his Blaze Pizza and McNamara's Pub reviews.

TopSized Reviews2.png

WHAT are people talking about

Looking at a quick trendline of the topics written about over the last 30 days, we can see that VMware was the top topic discussed with OpenStack, DevOPs, Microsoft, and Horizon View also trending as popular topics. 

We can drill in further to see who the top contributors of this content are.  Below are the search results for OpenStack (Anthony, Eric & Melissa leading the charge) and Horizon View (Sean Massey's forte').  

Horizon View.png

Contributions over time

Number of Posts produced over Time: During the last day of the challenge 18 posts were submitted and 89 were submitted within the last week.  We will take a deeper dive in an upcoming post to explore the trending of these in more detail, and see if we can't find when the bloggers 'hit their wall'.

If you like what you see, let me know if there are some topics you would like to search across or discover, and I would be happy to share.  As you can imagine there are many things we can explore here.  Stayed tuned for the second post (and my last of the the #VDM30in30 challenge) on looking further into the data demographics of the #VDM30in30 challenge over the last 30 days.