Walk A Mile in My Shoes

I knew when I signed up for the 30 Blog Posts in 30 Days challenge, along with some of my fellow geeks that the road wasn't going to be easy.  In fact most things that are worth doing I have found aren't necessarily easy and my motivation for writing these posts was to develop a healthy habit.  I have no doubt enjoyed my first week of posting, and it has stretched me to be more creative, articulate, and focused in order to get my ideas onto the virtual paper.  One thing that I have gained as a part of this experience is appreciation.  Appreciation for the bloggers who have been doing this for a long time, and who are extremely skilled at turning out quality content with amazing regularity.  For just one week I have gotten to walk, albeit a short distance, in their blogging shoes.

Some of my favorite blogs to read within the community were just recently recognized by making it to the BizTech 50 must-read IT Blogs 2014 and they 1000% deserve it.  If you don't read this stuff already, then you need to get onboard.

William Lam's @lamw blog: virtuallyghetto.com

Chuck Hollis' @chuckhollis blog: chucksblog.emc.com

Duncan Epping's @duncanyb blog: yellow-bricks.com

Michael Webster's @vcdxnz001 blog: longwhiteclouds.com

Chris Wahl's @chriswahl blog: wahlnetwork.com

In addition, I would like to include Michael White's @mwVMe blog: notesfrommwhite.net whose newsletter demonstrates an extreme devotion and regularity of finding, commenting, and sharing quality content with the virtualization community. 

Thanks to all of you - from award winning to those who just have a desire to share - I have come to gain an appreciation for the work that you do.  Thank you.