As I am getting older, I am realizing that I am a creature of habit. The routine of everyday life is becoming quite comfortable. However, the interruptions to this routine are not. As a father now of two little girls, interruptions to what I would like to do are very common place. There is never a time for simple silence and reflection and doing my “Gabe” things, and when there is such a time, I feel like I have to get so much done during that time, that the relaxation and fun of it is non-existent.

As an example, I am beginning to develop a new found love for reading, but there is not always a lot of time for that, and when there is time it seems to continuously being met by an interruption. Messing around on the computer and learning new technology is now really saved as something I do at the work place, because there simply is no time at home. At work, getting projects done and working on what I feel is important is always met with an interruption. Interruptions are so common place in the American workforce that I just got done listening to a podcast that provides techniques to limit the number of interruptions during the work day in order to get tasks accomplished.

It is safe to say that don’t really care for interruptions when they take me away from what I find to be important. It might be hard pressed to find anyone that does. But are interruptions always to be cast in a negative light? After getting to read a little book by Henri J. M. Nouwen entitled Life Beyond the Mirror a book about his near death experience, which was a major interruption in his life that caused a bit of a life transformation, I realized that interruptions are sometimes necessary for us human folk. We don’t always find them desirable at that moment they occur, but sometimes they cause us to take a step back and to really understand and appreciate what is valuable. Maybe they allow for us to have a time to not be so consumed with the subject matter at hand such that we forget all else that life can offer. Maybe they present opportunities in our life, maybe they help us to really appreciate and define those things that we enjoy, or maybe they simply just add a little spice to the old routine. This might be pie in the sky thinking, but I can relate. Rather then taking the time to read my own book, but rather reading a book to my daughter somehow becomes more fulfilling. Helping a coworker with a problem that interrupts me from finishing the appointed tasks for the day is usually more rewarding.

Don’t get me wrong – man, do interruptions often annoy me, and these outlooks that I am presenting are not the first things that go through my mind when an interruption takes place. I fact while I was writing this, the computer battery died and the phone rang so this little thought took me longer to write then I expected. Agh… interruptions, we are bound to have them, but sometimes they are exactly what we need.