Insights at Starbucks

I am currently on business in the suburbs of Chicago, and so I went to Starbucks tonight to do some reading. The little fiber sleeve that they put on the cups to prevent you from burning the palm of your hand has now been converted to advertisement space. Well I guess it has always been advertisement space, but always just with the Starbucks logo on it. This sleeve however was advertising a new movie entitled akeelah and the bee. I think it is a movie about looking at English vocabulary, and below the movie title it states the movie is changing the world one word at a time. I thought this was a nifty little slogan, but it got me thinking about completing the phrase….changing the world one BLANK at a time. What would be my BLANK? Several thoughts crossed my mind – action, thought, person, step. My favorite right now is – Changing the world one insight at a time. I have been finding myself taking more time recognizing, reflecting, and jotting down insights that I have thought about during the normal course of the day. I feel that some of these insights I need to put into action, but for me it has been a big step to simply take the time to recognize and incorporate a truly active thought process in my life about things that I have often taken for granted or am usually too busy to appreciate. These insights, usually are pretty small or common place, but they have been helpful in this continual process of self discovery that we call life.