Focus on the Essentials

I was listening to some reflections by Pontifex (Fr. Burns) with phatmass and he was talking about the essentials in life.

I really took this to heart. I feel as if I need to list those things that are essential in my walk in this life and make sure that I am putting those on the top of my priority list. After all, when working on the family budget with my wife, it is essential to have food, shelter, and to pay the electricity bill. Going out to dinner and travel is all non-essential and really considered a luxary. In my daily life it is essential to spend time with God, family, and friends.

I must confess that my daily time with God has been very lacking lately, and I am convinced that I need to once again focus on the essentials. Soccer, computer work, leisure reading... while fun, are not essential. Daily time with God and family is of the utmost importance.

Time to get back to daily praying and reading the scripture, as well as spending quality time with my wife and beautiful daughters. PHP scripting and Soccer, while fun can wait.

Thanks Pontifex for the reminder.