Gymnastics Superstar

Victoria started going to gymnastics in the fall.  She has loved every minute of it and tries to practice at home.  We have caught her flipping over the handles on the treadmill.  Even though we get to watch her every week while she is at class, the gym held a special performance.  Victoria was so excited that mom, dad, ellie and rhys would all be there to watch her routine.  They started out with a floor routine.  Victoria did a somersault, cartwheel and a handstand that she turned into a flip.  She is still working to perfect her cartwheel but she really looked great out there.  They also did a uneven bar routine and a balance bar routine.  I was so impressed with Victoria's bar routine.  I didn't realize how good she had gotten until she did a jump and landed back on the balance beam.  After all the kids were done, they each received a medal.  It was so cute.  Victoria was so proud of her accomplishments.  We were quite proud as well.  I am so happy that she is having a great time at gymnastics and has an activity that she can do outside of school.  The instructors said that they are going to start working with Victoria to perfect her cartwheel and work on harder routines in the other areas. Go Victoria!!!