Elizabeth Grace Maentz ~ 3 years old

I am a little late writing this but I still wanted to post something about Ellie's birthday.  Elizabeth turned 3 years old on January 24th.  She was so excited that it was finally her birthday.  Our family calendar is a picture calendar and the month of the kids birthday has just pictures of the birthday kid.  So, when we turned the calendar to January, Ellie saw pictures from her birthday last year and she started singing happy birthday to herself.  Needless to say when the day finally rolled around she was pretty excited.  It is hard to believe that this amazing little gift came into our lives three years ago.  Ellie has been a blessing since her birth.  On her birthday, ellie proudly wore around her pink tutu, birthday girl sash and princess crown.  Ellie will tell you that she is three years old and try to hold up three fingers but that is kind of tricky so it looks more like 5.  We celebrated Ellie's birthday with her godparents and their kids....just a small party.  Everything was pink as requested by Ellie.  In November when i worked the bookfair at Victoria's school, ellie found a book entitled pinkalicious written by sisters named Victoria and Elizabeth.  The story is about a little girl who turns pink after eating too many pink cupcakes.  ellie thought this was fantastic.  She decided right then that she wanted a pink birthday party with pink cupcakes.  Thanks to my wonderful friend, Carrie, we made that happen.  She had a pink cake with a flower drawn on it and then 10 pink cupcakes surrounding the cake.  It was definitely very pinkalicious!!!!  Although our family lives far away and were not able to be hear for Ellie's party, they sent gifts and called.  Ellie was so excited to talk to Papa, Grandma Mary and her aunties.  She knew it was her special day and I am so happy that she enjoyed it!  

My Ellie ~  

1.  Ellie is so much fun.  She sings, laughs, and dances.  Her sense of rhythm is unbelievable.  You put a song on and immediately she is dancing right in time to that song.  She can be heard all throughout the house singing.  Even though she has a tantrum here and there, she is typically a very happy little kid. She loves to laugh and make other people laugh especially her brother. 

2.  She is an amazing sister.  She loves Rhys so much that sometimes she hugs him just a little too tight.  She is always worried about Victoria and Rhys and wants to make sure we know where everyone is.  Just recently she did the sweetest thing...gave money to Victoria to help pay for the dinner that Victoria had promised to pay for. 

4.  She is quite the little runner.  Typically if Ellie wants to go somewhere she runs there.  The cutest sight is sitting in choir on Wednesday nights.  Ellie comes running down the church aisle to say good-bye to me.  She runs so fast the choir members get nervous she is going to fall.  She doesn't, though.  

5.  She is a very sensitive little girl.  She loves to hug and cuddle especially in the morning.  She loves to be right where everyone is.  It is very rare for her to be off playing by herself unless of course she is getting into micheif (usually involving make-up)

Ellie is a little sweetheart.  I am so truly blessed to have such a beautiful daughter!!!