Do They Have A Conscience?

Recently Gabe and I found out that someone or some persons hacked into the main computer system of our bank.  They stole up to 50 customers credit card numbers and were using them in Illinois.  Unfortunately, Gabe and I were one of those fifty.  Thankfully, the bank's fraud department contacted us to verify the charges.  I checked our voice messages the other night and heard this message to call the bank's card processing department to verify charges immediately.  Gabe was already in bed so I called.  The customer service rep said that the charges were linked to Gabe's card and she needed to speak to him.  I asked if it could wait.  She responded with the question, "has your husband been out of state today".   When I told her no she told me to wake him immediately.  She explained that there were charges totalling $500 (which by the next day were up to $1,000) on our account from a Wal-Mart in Addison, IL.  After confirming that those were not purchases that we made, she deactivated our cards.  So now we start the process of getting new cards and filling out paperwork to dispute the charges and hopefully get our money back.   That night I couldn't sleep.  I was so sick to my stomach over the ordeal.  Obviously I am pissed about the $1,000 but what has me more upset is the fact that there are people out there with no regard for others.  Gabe works so hard for our money.  We budeted for Christmas and didn't even spend near this amount on gifts for our family and friends.  Now someone has the audacity to take our money along with 49 other people's money and spend it.  Does this person(s) have no conscience?  You know that people like this are in the world but when it hits so close to home, you feel so violated.  What makes me even sadder is that many of the customers of our bank have recently been laid off.  Several companies in the fox valley (like the rest of the US) have had major lay offs in the past couple of months.  Those could be some of the very same people that had their credit card numbers stolen.  I am just sick thinking about that.  It is sad.